September 01, 2021

How to tie the shoelaces of leather shoes in parallel (how to pass) [How to loosen is also explained! With video! ]


We will introduce in detail how to tie and loosen the "parallel" shoelaces of leather shoes. Parallel is the basic method of tying leather shoes, so be sure to remember it.

There is a “single” knot that looks the same as the parallel knot, but we recommend the parallel knot because it fits better.

How to tie parallel shoelaces for leather shoes

Let's take a look at how each shoe looks when it's run in parallel

I tried tying it in parallel with shoes of various tastes, such as Oxford (inner blade) and Derby (outer blade) shoes.

There are no rules about how to tie them, so if you change the knots according to your favorite fashion, the range will be wider and you can enjoy the shoes even more.

jalan srivaya straight tip

Parallel_Straight tip side

Parallel_Straight tip front

The black straight tip that can be used in formal situations goes well with the parallel. There is also a single knot, but the parallel knot is more comfortable as it holds the instep firmly in place.

rourke wingtip

Parallel_Wing tip side

Parallel_Wing tip front

Compared to the straight tip, it fits well with a casual type wing tip. Of course, you can add some playfulness by using casual tying methods such as overlapping.

Raymer's U-Chip Derby

Parallel_U Chip Derby Horizontal

Parallel_U chip derby front

It is also compatible with U chip derby. Edward Green's Dover is also connected in parallel.

wheel robes straight tip derby

Parallel_outer eyelet side

Parallel_outer grommet front

Single shoes are fine, but American-style shoes with outer eyelets go well with overlapping shoes. There is no particular rule, so you can tie it however you like.

Sophis and Solid Plain Toe Derby

Parallel_Plane to Derby Horizontal

Parallel_Plane to Derby Front

Plain toe derby is also decided cool with a single. (In the case of 3 eyelets, the method of tying is the same as for single ties.) Also, in the case of derby with 3 eyelets, it fits well even if it is tied with an underwrap.

How to tie a parallel (how to thread)

Features of Parallel

  • It gives a crisp impression.
  • It's easy to tie and untie, and it's a way to hold the instep firmly.

Points for connecting parallels

  • Skip one step and tie.
  • It looks beautiful if you cross the strings in one direction from above.

Points for connecting parallels

how to tie a parallel

The video also explains it in an easy-to-understand manner, so please watch it together.

This is what it looks like when connected in parallel. Let's take a closer look at the tying procedure.

how to tie a parallel

1: Pass A1 and B1 from the front.
2: Make the B string slightly longer.

How to tie a parallel 1~2

3: Pass from B1 to A2 from the back.
4: Pass from A2 to B2 from the front.

How to tie a parallel 3~4

5: Pass from A1 to B3 from the back. You can make it look beautiful by passing it under the string you passed in step 3 and crossing it.
6: Pass from B3 to A3 from the front.

Parallel knots 5~6

7: Pass from B2 to A4 from the back. It looks beautiful if you pass it over the string you passed in "5" and cross it.
8: Pass from A4 to B4 from the front.

Parallel Knots 7~8

9: Pass from A3 to B5 from the back. (Be sure to pass the top layer from the back.)
10: Pass from B4 to A5 from the back.

Parallel knots 9~10

11: Adjust the length and tie it to finish.

How to tie a parallel 11

How to loosen the parallel (solution)

Since it is linked by skipping one step, let's be conscious when loosening it.

1: Loosen the string on the 4th row. The 5th string is pulled.
2: Loosen the second string. The 4th row string loosened earlier is pulled.

How to loosen the parallel (solution) 1-2

3: Loosen the third string. The 5th string is pulled.
4: Finally, spread the wings and the whole will loosen.

How to loosen the parallel (solution) 3-4

How to tighten when wearing parallel shoes

Since it is linked by skipping one step, let's be conscious when tightening.

1: Pull the top string on the left and right. The loose strings on the 3rd and 4th tiers are tightened.
2: Pull the 4th string. Tighten the loose second string.

How to tighten when wearing parallel shoes 1-2

3: Pull the third string. The loose first string is tightened.
4: Pull the left and right top strings again to tighten the whole.

How to tighten when wearing parallel shoes 3-4

Finally: here are the shoelaces I used to tie the parallel

I used MONDSHOELACE's "waxed shoelace round string stone pattern 2.5mm" light beige.

Purchase "Waxed Shoelace Round String Stone Pattern 2.5mm" at MONDSHOELACE

There are many other types of shoelaces that you can order, so you can find the right shoelaces for your shoes.

See this article for other connections.

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