September 06, 2021

How to tie shoelaces (how to pass them through) "bowtie"


I will introduce how to tie a shoelace called "bowtie".

This knotting method is characterized by crossed strings that look like a bow tie and less pressure on the instep.

Use it as a reference for arranging laces for leather shoes and sneakers.

How to tie a shoelace "bowtie"

Characteristics of "bowtie"

  • The crossed string that passes through the front looks like a bowtie
  • When passing through the front, it is crossed, and when passing through the back, it is passed vertically, reducing the impact on the instep.
  • Since the amount of string consumption is small, the string is slightly longer

Characteristics of "bowtie"

Recommended tying method for the following shoes.

shoe type Degree of recommendation
leather shoes ★★★★★
leather sneakers ★★★★★
sneakers ★★★★★

"Bowtie" procedure

If you tie it with a "bowtie", it will look like this.

"Bowtie" procedure

tying point

  • Pass the crossed part from the back of the eyelet to the front
  • After crossing, pass vertically from the back

Tips for tying a "bowtie"

  • When the number of eyelets is odd, start from the back, and when the number is even, start from the front.

Point 2 when tying a "bowtie"


It is also explained in the video.

1: Pass through the first eyelet on the left and right from the back.
2: On both the left and right, from the first eyelet, cross it from the front to the second eyelet.

"Bowtie" steps 1-2

3: On both the left and right, from the second eyelet, pass vertically through the third eyelet from the back.
4: On both the left and right, cross from the third eyelet to the fourth eyelet from the front and pass through.

"Bowtie" steps 3-4

5: On both the left and right, from the 4th eyelet, pass vertically from the back to the 5th eyelet.
6: Pass it vertically to the top eyelet as it is.

"Bowtie" steps 5-6

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