brand concept

MONDSHOELACE is a made-to-order shoelace brand that allows you to order semi-custom-made shoelaces, mainly shoelaces for leather shoes.

Based on the brand concept of “making those leather shoes your favorite pair”, we will develop shoelaces that make leather shoes look cool and propose coordinating your feet.

brand story

My name is Yuya Oshima ( Instagram account ) who produces MONDSHOELACE.
I would like to tell you about the reason I started MONDSHOELACE up to the present.

Biography of Yuya Oshima

  • 2014: Joined a major women's shoe company as a new graduate
  • 2018: Opened KutsuMedia, a blog for leather shoes and shoe polish
  • 2019: Launch of “MONDSHOELACE”
  • 2020: Independence

interested in leather shoes

When I was 19, I bought Loake Buckinghams at my favorite clothing store, and these were my first authentic Goodyear leather shoes.

After Loake, I realized the joy of wearing leather shoes for a long time while maintaining, repairing, and maintaining them, and the appeal of leather aging, and gradually came to like leather shoes and shoe polish.

Having trouble choosing shoelaces

After that, I made a friend whose hobby was leather shoes, and one of them gave me some advice, saying, "You should change your shoelaces soon." This advice is what got me interested in shoelaces.

So I searched online and went to department store shoe stores to buy new shoelaces, but there weren't many choices and I couldn't find a brand that I could definitely buy.

In the end, I consulted with the store clerk at the department store to choose the string, but the string was either a little longer or a little shorter than my ideal length, so I wasn't completely satisfied with the purchase.

Also, I felt uncomfortable going to a store just for shoelaces, whose unit price is not that high.

I want to create an environment where you can easily purchase order shoelaces online.

From the troubled experience of choosing shoelaces, I thought it would be nice if there was an environment where I could easily buy shoelaces that match my shoes, so I launched MONDSHOELACE.

  • Easy to buy online
  • Free choice of length
  • Choose from many styles to suit a variety of leather shoes

Let alone such a functional aspect

  • more color choices
  • Providing unique shoelaces

We are working to expand the enjoyment of leather shoes by doing so.

We would like to continue to develop products and disseminate information from the standpoint of a "shoe lace brand" so that users can enjoy the life of leather shoes.