July 21, 2022

where to buy leather shoe laces [List of places where you can purchase]


"I want shoelaces for leather shoes, but I don't know where to buy them."

For those of you who are like that, we have listed where you can buy it.

Please use it as a reference.

Real store

First, list the physical stores.

I think it's not good to go to the actual store and see if it's not what you expected, so I evaluated the two indicators of "product lineup" and "professional customer service" on a four-point scale of ×, △, ◯, and ◎. (Please understand that this is an evaluation based on the image and experience, so it depends on the store)

department store shoes

professional customer service

They have a relatively large selection of products and many store clerks are knowledgeable, so you can buy with confidence.

Please search for Isetan Mitsukoshi, Daimaru, Takashimaya, etc. in your area.

Shoe store

professional customer service

Tokyo Shoe Distribution Center, ABC Mart and other shoe specialty stores, and Regal, which is a shoe brand, have a large number of stores nationwide.

shoe repair shop

professional customer service

There are also shoe repair shops such as Mr. Minute, Shoe Senka, and Riat.

It is often found in large stations, so I think that people who commute by train in Tokyo can find it immediately.

major grocery store

professional customer service

They are also sold at grocery stores such as Tokyu Hands and LOFT.

In particular, Tokyu Hands has a full-fledged shoe care corner, and some stores have the image of having more products than department stores.

Home center

professional customer service ×

It is also sold at home centers such as Komeri, Cainz, and Kohnan.

100 Yen shop

professional customer service ×

They are also sold at 100-yen shops such as Daiso, Can Do, and Seria.

They don't have a large selection, but they are reasonably priced, so if you have a 100-yen shop near your home, it might be a good idea to buy them.

EC site


This is a made-to-order shoelace brand that offers a wide variety of types and colors, and you can choose the length in 1cm increments.

If you are looking for a lace that matches your leather shoes, please use it.


e-commerce platform

Needless to say, you can purchase it on Amazon , Rakuten , and Yahoo! Shopping .


If you want to buy at a physical store, I think you can buy with confidence at the shoe section of department stores, Tokyu Hands, LOFT, and shoe stores.

If you would like to purchase from an e-commerce site, we recommend that you measure the length of the string you are passing through before purchasing the one that is just right for you.