November 23, 2021

Metal cell shoelaces (metal tips at the ends of the laces) to choose from 7 types of laces


At MONDSHOELACE, you can choose your favorite metal cell / aglet (metal tip at the tip of the lace) for a wide variety of shoelaces and place an order.

Compared to plastic cells, metal cells have

  • Robust and durable
  • hard to come off
  • classy

With these characteristics, metal cell shoelaces are recommended for leather shoes.

This article introduces shoelaces, types of metal cells, and examples of combinations of metal cells.

7 types of shoe laces with metal cells

5 types of waxed shoelaces

With just the right amount of wax, not too much and not too little, the luster is beautiful.

We have 2 types of flat cords and 3 types of round cords with different thicknesses to suit various shoes.

Waxed shoelace Flat lace 3mm

Waxed Shoelace Flat String Stone Pattern 5.5mm

Waxed Shoelace Round 2.2mm

Waxed Shoelace Round String Stone Pattern 2.5mm

Waxed Shoelace Round String Stone Pattern 3.5mm

Waxed Shoelace Premium 1 type

Unlike normal waxed shoelaces, the wax is soaked into the laces, giving them a heavy and slightly sticky texture.

Even if you use it for a long time, it will not become fuzzy and is durable. It has the advantage of being difficult to untie once tied.

Waxed Shoelace Premium Round String Stone Pattern 2.2mm

Silicone coated shoelace 1 type

Shoelaces with silicon coated acrylic laces.

The wax coating will fall off if it gets wet in the rain, but the silicone coating is hard to remove and is resistant to rain.

Silicone-coated shoelace Round lace stone grain pattern 2mm

Color matching with 4-color metal cells and leather shoes/shoelaces

4 color metal cells

You can choose from four colors: gold, silver, black, and antique.

The material is brass and durable.

The four claws are very hard to come off.

metal cell

Examples of combinations of metal cells

If you choose a cel with a color tone similar to that of your laces or shoes, it will blend in well, and if you choose a cel with a farther tone, it will accentuate.

It is also recommended to choose a cell that matches the color of metal decorations such as eyelets.

This is just an example, but I will introduce a combination for each cell color.

gold cell

Bright color laces and shoes are refreshing, and dark color laces and shoes are accents.

metal cell gold 1

metal cell gold 2

metal cell gold 3

silver cell

Silver is recommended if you don't want to make it as assertive as gold.

metal cell silver 1

metal cell silver 2

metal cell silver 3

black cell

Adding a black cell will make it look tighter.

metal cell black 1

metal cell black 2

metal cell black 3

antique cell

It goes well with laces and shoes of any color. The most popular item in our shop.

metal cell antique 1

metal cell antique 2

metal cell antique 3


  • Robust and durable
  • hard to come off
  • classy

Please try the metal cell shoelaces with the above features.

At MONDSHOELACE, you can choose your favorite metal cell for 7 types of shoelaces and place an order.

If you want metal cell shoelaces, please search from the product list .