September 02, 2021

How to tie the "Berluti knot" of leather shoe laces [Easy-to-understand explanation with video]


I want to know how to tie shoelaces that are hard to untie! I was taught how to tie a Berluti knot, but I forgot!

Anyone here? In this article, we will explain the Berluti knot in an easy-to-understand manner with videos.

Berluti knots can be used not only for leather shoes, but also for sneakers and hiking boots. It's much harder to untie than regular bows, so you won't have to re-tie it and you'll be more comfortable.

Please practice while watching this article and master it.

How to tie a Berluti knot [I tried tying leather shoelaces]

tying point

tying point

The Berluti knot is a variant of the bow knot.

Tie it twice in the process of tying the first string → Tie it twice in the process of tying the next loop.

It is a good idea to remember to do each step of tying the string in a bow tie twice.

How to tie/procedure

It is also explained in the video. Please refer to this as well.

1: Pass the white string through the blue string.
Pass the white string through again in the same way as 2:1. You can tighten it strongly by passing it through twice.

How to tie a Berluti knot 1~2

3: Tighten it tightly.
4: Just like a bow tie, make a loop with a blue string and wrap a white string from above.

How to tie a Berluti knot 3~4

5: Pass through the white string while making a loop.
6: After passing through, do not tighten the string. (Tightening here is how to tie a bow knot.)

How to tie a Berluti knot 5~6

7: Wrap the white string over the blue string.
8: Let it pass through the lower ring as it is.

How to tie a Berluti knot 7~8

9: Pull the left and right rings and tighten the string.
10: Arrange the knots and you're done. It is characterized by two knots.

How to tie a Berluti knot 9~10

If you skip one step, you can tie it more easily!

In fact, I skip one step when tying a Berluti knot.

The process to omit is the part of "2".

You can tighten it by tying it twice here, so that it won't loosen in the next process of making the butterfly, but it's a hassle so I skipped it.

The difficulty of untying does not change, so I want to tie it as soon as possible! Recommended for those who say.

How to solve

The way to untie it is the same as the bow knot, just pull the left and right strings.

How to untie a Berluti knot

About the Berluti Knot

I introduced how to tie the knot earlier, but I will explain the origin and advantages and disadvantages of the Berluti knot.


Berluti is a famous French shoe brand. It seems that he has adopted the way of tying that customers did at Berluti's Maison.

It was designer Olga Berluti who introduced the Berluti knot in the 1970s.

Inspired by one of the royal heirs and a client of the Maison. Renowned for his daring adventures and grace, the Duke of Windsor is credited with popularizing the Windsor knot, a famous tie knot. From her grandmother, Alexandra of Denmark, she inherited the double-loop knot, which prevents the laces from coming loose during military marches and official occasions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Let's start with the benefits of the Berluti knot.


  • very hard to untie
  • nice knot

It is very difficult to untie. I have a Berluti knot and it has never come untied. However, it can be untied just by pulling the string like a bow knot.

Also, the knots lined up in two are cool.


  • Takes a little time to tie
  • The string is slightly shorter than the bow tie

Once you get used to it, you won't notice it, but it takes a little effort to tie it. It should only be used on new strings that are easy to untie.

In addition, the number of knots will be a little shorter, but the string will be shorter. In addition, it is difficult to tie a short string with a Berluti knot.

If you use Berluti knots on a daily basis, you should choose a string that is about 3 cm longer than usual.

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The Berluti knot is introduced above. It's a very difficult way to tie the string, so if you're having trouble with the string coming loose, please try it.

Finally: Other Ways to Tie Your Shoelaces

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