"Hard to unravel"
"Hard to fuzz"
waxed shoelace premium

"I'm having trouble with my shoe laces coming loose easily."
Do you have such a problem?

"I untied my shoe laces during my hectic morning commute, so I hurriedly re-tie them and trotted to get on the train."
What an experience, I think many people have once.

I've experienced it too, and it only comes loose when I'm in a hurry.

The cause of unraveling is
This is because the surface of many shoe laces is smooth.

"Shoe straps that are hard to untie" without a smooth surface
Introducing "Waxed Shoelace Premium".

General shoe strings are coated with a smooth wax called "paraffin wax" on the surface of the string. (This also has the advantage of giving a nice gloss.)

This time, we will introduce "golf wax", which is a coating made by impregnating a string with wax or oil. Unlike "paraffin wax", it has a sticky surface that makes it difficult to unravel, and the coating does not easily fall off, so it does not become fuzzy.

If you use these shoe laces, you will almost never have to untie your shoe laces while commuting!

In addition, our shop "MONDSHOELACE"
・You can choose the length in units of 1 cm. ・You can choose from 4 types of metal cells.
It is an order shoelace brand.
You can choose shoe laces that perfectly match your leather shoes!

"Hard to unravel"
"Hard to fuzz"
Shoelace: Waxed Shoelace Premium Please try it!

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Color: Black, Dark Brown Cell Color: 4 colors Length: ~200cm (choose in 1cm increments)
Price: 1,320 yen (tax included) ~

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