Waxed Shoelace Round String Stone Pattern 2.5mm [half price sale product]

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  • Slightly thin round cord with impressive weave
  • Recommended for both dress and casual
  • Not too much, not too little, just the right amount of wax for a beautiful luster

MONDSHOELACE is a custom shoelace
You can order the length in 1 cm increments!
You can choose a length that is not available in ready-made products!

About the product

Waxed shoe laces with beautiful luster

Waxed shoe laces with beautiful luster

Not too much and not too little wax creates a beautiful luster.
An elegant waxed shoelace that is as good as polished leather shoes.

Slightly thin round string recommended for dress and casual wear

Slightly thin round string recommended for dress and casual wear

2.5mm is a rather thin round cord.
It is also recommended for casual leather shoes such as JM Weston and Paraboots.

Sturdy and luxurious metal cell

Sturdy and luxurious metal cell

Compared to plastic cells, metal cells are more resistant to peeling and are more durable and luxurious.
These metal cells are available in 4 colors, so please choose the one that matches the atmosphere and decoration of your shoes.

Any length can be ordered

The length can be ordered in 1 cm increments.
If you are worried that ready-made products do not have the right length, you can order the perfect length.

Abundant color development of 15 colors

It is 15 colors and abundant color development.
We have prepared a wide variety of colors so that you can enjoy choosing them, such as matching with the color of your shoes, using a contrasting color, matching with the color of your socks or necktie.

Click here for colors not on sale

Order information, product information

Waxed shoelaces have a beautiful luster, but they may come loose easily at the beginning of use.
It will be difficult to untie once the wax has soaked in, but we recommend tying it with a Berluti knot for the first few times.
Berluti knot commentary article (with video)

You can choose in 1 cm increments within the length category.

○ Approximate shoelace length

2 eyelets: 55~60cm
60cm recommended

3 eyelets: 60~65cm
65cm recommended

4 eyelets: 70~75cm
70cm recommended

5 eyelets: 75~80cm
Recommendation is 75cm

6 eyelets: 85~90cm
85cm recommended

7 eyelets (boots): 110~120cm
120cm recommended

8 eyelets (boots): 120~130cm
Recommended is 130cm

※Eyelet → Hole for shoelaces, eyelet
*We recommend measuring the original length as the appropriate length varies depending on the shoe.

If you want to know more about the length guideline, please refer to this article .

【Payment Method】
credit card
Payment application system: PayPal, PayPay, LINE Pay
Convenience store payment: Lawson, Family Mart, Ministop, Daily Yamazaki

【Shipping method】
Japan Post click post

【Delivery charge】
200 yen, free with purchase of 3,000 yen or more including tax

[Shipping days]
We aim to ship within 3 days after the order and payment are completed, but we are working to make it possible to ship the next day.

[String color]
mahogany, orange, magenta, royal blue

[Cell color]
gold, silver, black, antique

[string width]
about 2.5mm

[Main material]

【Country of origin】

1 set (2 pieces) per order

FAQs are summarized here.

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